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Support for every mother.
Care for every baby.

Every baby is precious, but unfortunately, not every baby is treated that way. If a child is born into a vulnerable family, they are more likely to be preterm, underweight and suffer severe health complications. Many even die before their first birthday. We don’t want yours to be one of them. Give your baby the opportunity to live their fullest potential by making good choices for them throughout conception and beyond.

At Healthy Baby Network, we are dedicated to giving babies a healthy start in life. Through data, health planning, and creating social support for mothers, we are transforming our community baby by baby.

On this website you will find the research and resources you need to have a successful journey into motherhood.

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Breaking Barriers to Birth Equity

Birth Equity is when every new little one enters the world full of promise, possibility, and opportunity. Creating birth equity belongs to all of us. Come join us in putting an end to the systemic barriers that keep every baby from being born healthy to a nurturing and supported family.

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Black Birth Summit

Black maternal mortality is a public health crisis.  Join us for a conference as we take on the challenges and opportunities of ending structural racism in maternal health care. Wednesday, October 30, 2019 9:00am – 3:30pm Rochester Riverside Hotel | Riverview Ballroom 120 East Main Street Rochester, New York 14604…

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‘Bear With Me’ Cast Spotlight: Tanishia Johnson

Tanishia Johnson is the ROC the Future Family & Community Empowerment Manager. In her role she will build relationships between ROC the Future and key stakeholders and partners, including leaders in health, education, business, non-profit and economic development. Tanishia has had a 13-year career in the Rochester City School District…

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