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Support for every parent.
Care for every baby.

Every baby is precious, but unfortunately, not every baby is treated that way. If a child is born into a vulnerable family, they are more likely to be preterm, underweight and suffer severe health complications. Many even die before their first birthday. We don’t want yours to be one of them. Give your baby the opportunity to live their fullest potential by making good choices for them throughout conception and beyond.

At Healthy Baby Network, we are dedicated to giving babies a healthy start in life. Through data, health planning, and creating social support for parents, we are transforming our community baby by baby.

On this website you will find the research and resources you need to have a successful journey into parenthood.

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Welcome New Board Members

Meet the newest members of Healthy Baby Network’s Board of Directors! We are honored to have these new directors on our board, championing healthy babies and families. Maya Crane, Rochester Area Community Foundation Maya Crane is a talented project manager, researcher, and visionary. She is an Equity Program Officer at…

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A Day in the Life of an Outreach Worker – Part 2

There is more to this story. Read, “A Day in the Life of an Outreach Worker – Part 1” to read the first part of this story. The next morning, I walked into Healthy Baby Network and listened to a voicemail from the mom I encountered on Clinton Avenue. She…

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